Bago's Cinco de Novembre 2011

I was invited to judge, Bago City's Cinco de Novembre street parade 2011. There were two parts of the street parade to be judged, The street performance where-in the performers reenact the scene what happen during November 5 1898, and the look of the "canon". Authenticity was a huge percentage on the score sheets.

The Philippines is known for "People Power" the bloodless revolution that happen in 1986, But a few people know that the first bloodless revolt happen centuries ago. November 5, 1898 to be exact, Technically the first bloodless revolution happen centuries ago, in Negros island...

I'm not really a writer and I'm really lazy to do research and get into details, if you want more info, you might wanna check some of this sites...

Cinco de Novembre -

The City of Bago -

The monument of General Juan A. Araneta

Lots of people came out to watch the street performance

Ummm... Namit!! Bago city's Empanada

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